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About the Retreat and 'Ome Sweet 'Ome

Join us this August in Beautiful Burlington, NL for a weekend of Rest, Relaxation, and optional Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, and unforgettable Fun!

Located in Iceberg Alley on the North shore of "The Rock," 'Ome is the perfect way to experience stunning rural NL. Shaun Majumder, one of Canada’s most well-known actors and comedians, was born and raised in Burlington and still considers it his ‘OME.

In his quest to ‘rewrite the rural story of NL’, Shaun spearheaded the ‘Ome project. The ‘Ome project is part of a larger social enterprise; his goal is to bring tourism to his ‘Ome town of Burlington, NL, and the surrounding area by creating social businesses which will fuel a sustainable micro-economy for the region!

Retreat Schedule



7:00-8:00pm Relax and Restore

We are going to kick off this retreat with Andrea and a relaxing ocean view class. This class will be designed for you to slow down your breath- shed the stress of the week and sink into the beauty that surrounds you. Our peak pose will be one where we will ground ourselves into the earth and become one with our surroundings. At the end of the class we will do a slow relaxation of the whole body and try not to drift off to sea….


8:15-9:30pm Fire Ceremony with Jackie





8:30-9:30am Your Morning Energy Booster with Andrea 

Boost your morning with this energizing stretchy flow through the sand while inhaling the fresh sea and exhaling into the big blue sky. We will use different breathing techniques to awaken our senses with gentle flows to warm up the body. Massage your feet while walking the grass, bring space into the mind as your eyes rest on the gentle moving waters and the blue sky, breathing in the fresh air spiced with a hint of salt as we stretch and twist to boost our inner morning self.

Treat yourself to a luxurious centering start of your day!


9:30-10:00am BREAKFAST    


11:00am-12:30pm Forest Therapy Walk with Jackie  

This session is specifically designed to deepen your connection with nature. Whether you’ve spent years in the back country or are dipping your toes into nature exploration for the first time, this workshop will support your comfort level in the forest.

As a group and individuals, we will explore what relationship with land means to us and how we can look even deeper into the incredibly beautiful natural world that surrounds us. Over 1.5 hours, we will completely immerse ourselves in the landscape as if we’re bathing in it. No bathtub required. We’ll use a small piece of land where you’ll be invited to tune into your senses to absorb all the wonderful offerings of our land, air, and sky. We will explore what it means to acknowledge and honour nature as the giver of all things.

During this session, we will begin a gratitude practice to recognize the immeasurable gifts offered to us from our land. During this session, you will be invited to walk with the group and/or alone, depending on your comfort level. If it serves you, please feel free to bring a journal, or other method of documenting thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Hot beverages are welcome. Water and good, supportive footwear are required. Dress comfortably in waterproof clothing if needed as we will run the workshop in light/misty rain. The structure of this workshop will change in the event of heavy rain or other inclement weather.


1:00-1:30pm LUNCH 


1:30-3:30pm FREE TIME

If the weather is agreeable, we suggest taking a dip in the local swimming hole. Just a little walk down a short path and you step into breathtaking swimming spot!


3:30-5:00pm Workshop with Andrea 




5:30-6:30pm SUPPER 


7:30-8:30pm Deep Stretch Yoga Class with Megan

In this 60-minute outdoor asana class, you’ll be invited to connect with a forest-lined seaside landscape and deepen your breaths of fresh air. You will be guided through a gentle asana sequence intended to enrich the quality of breath and release tight muscles. This class is intended to target many of the largest muscles groups including the neck, shoulders, back, hips and legs. Megan acknowledges the participant as the master of their own body and offers modifications/variations of asana poses throughout the class to make the experience enjoyable and accessible to all.





7:00-8:00am NATURE WALK or HIKE (your choice)


8:30-9:30am BREAKFAST


11:30am CHECK OUT 


11:30-12:30pm We Are One - Farewell Yoga Class with Jackie

Wrap-up your wellness (re-)treat and indulge yourself one more time into a delicious stretchy energizing flow as we reflect on our recent paths through nature, bathing ourselves in refreshing surroundings, nourishing company, inspiring workshops as well as delicious treats. Let us reflect and transition together with a well rounded centering and grounding flow for your way home.

Meals Prepared By a Private Chef

Yes! You read that right. Even in the middle of the Newfoundland mountainside, you can enjoy luxurious and healthy food throughout the entire retreat. We fly in a Middle Eastern Chef from New Jersey every summer for this event. Vegetarian and Gluten free options are provided upon request.

Retreat Pricing



Glamping Tents (2 Queen)


Retreat + Meals

  • $300 +hst (Before May 15th)

  • $350 +hst (Before June 15th)

  • $400 +hst (After June 30th)

The Glamping Tent

  • Double Occupancy = $225 +hst per person

  • Triple Occupancy = $150 +hst person

  • Quad Occupancy = $112.50 +hst person

Glamping Tents (1 Queen)


Retreat + Meals

  • $300 +hst (Before May 15th)

  • $350 +hst (Before June 15th)

  • $400 +hst (After June 30th)

The Glamping Tent

  • Single Occupancy = $450 +hst

  • Double Occupancy = $225 +hst per person

*Option to add a Queen Sized Air Mattress to increase occupancy - must request in advance

The most affordable

way to enjoy our retreat


 Tent City: $350 +HST

Pitch Your Own Tent, Retreat + Meals all included

Connect with nature and camp in scenic Burlington. This campsite is only a short drive to the town hall where you'll have access to showers and bathrooms.

*All events take place in tent city, weather permitting. No access to electricity.