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Chelsea Clarke


My name is Chelsea Clarke and I was born in Corner Brook, NL but spent most of my adult life in Alberta. My family and I recently moved back to our beautiful hometown city. I have a very active, happy little boy who I spend most of my time with. If I’m not teaching classes, training and planning, you can find me at the gym, or outdoors- hiking, walking the trails around the city, and adventuring the beaches with my little one. I’m a certified fitness instructor specialist, certified personal trainer, and a certified cycle/spin instructor. My classes are always high energy with some good tunes pumpin! It fills my cup to see others work hard, improve and build strength, when in turn helping them feel their best self. I strongly believe in the motto ‘exercise is for ANY body.’ I want people to feel motivated and comfortable when coming to see me... and of course, to be able to have fun while doing it!

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