Corporate Yoga

Whether you're looking to bring weekly yoga classes to your organization, scheduling a yoga or workshop break for a conference, or obtaining special studio rates for your employees, we can help!


Our team has worked with organizations to offer yoga and health and wellness workshop at conferences, business meetings, retreats, employee and volunteer training, and special events! We can work with you to tailor a yoga or workshop sessions specifically for your needs!

A yoga break can:

  • Increase energy and productivity

  • Build teamwork

  • Provide a refreshing break for your team!​


BEnefits for Employers

  • Improve productivity

  • Decrease absentee days

  • Lower healthcare premiums

  • Improve teamwork, morale and job satisfaction for employees, leading to lower turnover rates

  • Extra perk to offer to prospective employees

  • Reduce work-related stress

Benefits for employees

  • Exercise for the body and mind

  • Increase focus and concentration

  • Relieve common backache, neck-ache, and shoulder-ache problems

  • Improve posture and flexibility

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