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Janelle Doman


Janelle has been working as a school counsellor for the past five years and yoga teacher for children and adults for eight years. Janelle holds a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Special Education, and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Janelle is an active member of the Canadian Counsellors and Psychological Association and is accredited by Yoga Aliance as a 200 hour yoga teacher. Janelle and her family also farm and own a farm and farmers market on the west coast of Newfoundland where they sustainably grow vegetables for themselves and the people of Newfoundland. Janelle believes that working towards emotional, spiritual and physical wellness requires a holistic approach and loves to blend her counselling practices with yoga teachings and to share the love and accessibility of great, nurturing food! Janelle is experienced in working with adults as well as children through her yoga and counselling practices, though she is particularly passionate about working with youth and adolescents. Janelle is skilled and experienced in fostering social-emotional development in the children she works with, helping children to realize their skills and potential, and assisting children as they develop coping skills we require to adapt and move through life’s journey.

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