$375.00 CAD

Diving Deep: A Yin Yoga Teacher Training


This comprehensive training is designed for yoga teachers and experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of the principles and practices of Yin Yoga.

Through a blend of lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice, participants will gain a solid understanding of the theory and techniques of Yin Yoga, including the use of props, safe alignment principles, and the energetics of the body. They will also learn how to create a peaceful and meditative environment, and how to design safe and effective sequences for their students.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Eastern concepts and philosophy behind Yin Yoga, such as the meridian system, and how to incorporate them in their teachings. In addition to the practical aspects of teaching Yin Yoga, the training also encourages self-inquiry, personal practice, and offers space for self-care.

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to teach Yin Yoga in a safe and effective way, and with a toolbox of sequences and modifications they can use in their own classes.