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Exploring Yoga: Ancient Origins and Cultural Context


This course is designed for yoga practitioners and teachers who are interested in exploring the history and context of yoga and how it has been adapted and applied in the modern Western world. Through a combination of lectures, readings, and discussions, participants will gain an understanding of the historical and cultural roots of yoga and its evolution over time.

The course will explore key figures and texts in the history of yoga, as well as the different branches and traditions that have emerged. In addition, this course will also look at the ways in which yoga has been adapted and modified to meet the needs and values of Western culture, and how this has sometimes resulted in a disconnection from its original intentions and practices.

Participants will be encouraged to consider the implications of this cultural appropriation and to explore ways to honor and respect yoga's roots while integrating its principles and practices into their own lives and teaching. The course is open to everyone who is interested in the topic, whether they are a beginner or experienced practitioner.