Therapeutic Yoga Training Can Be For You!

Interested in working one-on-one with with people? Wondering how to use yoga philosophy and techniques to support your clients' physical and mental health? Nervous, but still curious?



We look at how western medicine diagnoses and treats physical and mental conditions and how we can use yoga to parallel or compliment treatment.




We explore the many facets of yoga philosophy and practice that can support conditions and/or recovery with a holistic approach, focusing on the the koshas, the yoga sutras, physical practice, breath work, and meditation.



Complete the program in-person OR online - trainings that consider all communities, spaces, and ways of living

Join a community that supports your learning and holds space for you to explore and grow


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"They offer a large variety of exceptional trainings and workshops, many in which I participated. I could say so much more great things about this studio - the list would never end!"


-Jeff Young

"[I] completed the 200hr yoga teaching training with Live. Breathe. Grow... The program was excellent, Nancy is warm, inclusive, knowledgeable and authentic, as are all her teachers. Can’t recommend highly enough!"


-Tina Riche

"Absolutely love my experience with [the] Studio and every one of their staff that I have met... I have learned so much. A deep love for yoga has been awaken in me and I will continue with it for life."

-Leslie Boone

Aside from an amazing learning experience, you'll also benefit from:

Blended Learning.

Our courses allow you to complete the trainings from anywhere. You can attend in-person, online, or a mix of both. Distance learners can join our LIVE virtual classroom online for all trainings.



Never Missing Out on Content.

Every class is recorded. We know that things happen. If you miss a class, our recordings enable you to catch up. With easy access to recorded content, you can watch missed material, submit your notes, and receive credit for those hours.


Easy Review and Study.

Class recordings also provide a great way to review and study. All class recordings are available for on demand viewing whether you miss a class or not. It can help to go back to the material after you’ve had time to process your initial thoughts.



Flexible Payment Plans.

Our tuition is not a one size fits all offering. Our highest priority is supporting our students. We achieve this by offering multiple payment options, from receiving an additional discount* for paying tuition in-full, to personalized payment plans designed specifically for your needs.

*Payments must begin before the start of the program*



Very Flexible Student Practicums.

We offer several ways to complete practicum hours*. You’ll have the opportunity to practice teach in our studio or, for distance learners, in your local studio; you can teach online; you can provide us with a recording of you teaching to friends or family, or teach one-on-one classes with the instructor. That’s a lot of options!

*Trainings that require a practicum: 200YTT & 300YTT*

The Perks!

As a Trainee, you will receive a 20% discount on all studio events, yoga trainings, and more! We encourage you to talk to our teachers, and explore new ideas. Our community welcomes you!




Our comprehensive curriculum integrates yoga philosophy and western science to embody the therapeutic benefits of Yoga. We are here to support you in your journey as a teacher and in your daily life. 


You can complete courses individually, or join the 50 or 100-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Programs. Either way, it's the perfect choice to enhance your life and your career as an instructor.



Therapeutic Yoga - Courses and Certifications

Yoga for Back Health

In this course you will learn about the anatomy of the spine and common causes of back pain. If you are living with back pain, or are a yoga teacher or health professional who works with people who experience back pain, this course is for you.

Yoga for Knee Health

In this course we will explore the knee joint in depth. Our time together will include anatomy of the knee joint, common injuries, surgical interventions, and how we can use yoga to keep the knees healthy.


Yoga for Shoulder Health

In this course, we will explore the shoulder joint in depth, including the anatomy of the shoulder joint, common injuries, surgical interventions, and how we can use yoga to keep the shoulders healthy.

Yoga for Hip Health

In this course we will explore the hip joint in depth, including anatomy of the hip joint, common injuries, surgical interventions, and how we can use yoga to keep hips healthy.

Yoga for Recovery

This course is designed for anyone who is in recovery from any type of addiction, as well as for yoga teachers and health care professionals who work with this population.

Yoga for Arthritis

In this course we are going to explore an issue that impacts the daily quality of life of 6 million Canadians, Arthritis. Today in Canada, one in four women and one in six men have arthritis.

Yoga for Anxiety I & II

In this two part course (Anxiety I & II) we will explore the many forms and faces of Anxiety in our culture today. The course material will focus on an integration of Yoga and Psychology in the understanding and treatment of anxiety.

Yoga for Memory Loss I & II

In this two part course (Memory Loss I + II) we will explore the function of memory and the ways that memory shapes our perception of reality. 

Therapeutic Yoga Certifications

If you are a Yoga Teacher or other Health Professional you can register for and participate in the Therapeutic Yoga Trainings to earn a 50Hr or 100Hr Therapeutic Yoga Certification.

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